Quorn wedding with an Italian flavour

Quorn Wedding with an Italian Flavour : DIY details to get inspired by.

Amanda and Gianluca are the sweetest couple, they had a Quorn wedding with an Italian flavour. To start with they had  a British and an Italian tiny cars, one for the bride , one for the groom and after church, the couple, with noisy attachments.  Amanda had a Morris Minor and Luca a Fiat Mini.

quorn wedding with an italian flavour: morris minor and fiat mini

Morris Minor and Fiat Mini

It was a church wedding in Loughborough with a reception at Quorn village hall, a beautiful place, fresh and welcoming.

Amanda had asked friends to collect flowers from their gardens and bring them to the hall in disparate vases. I particularly like the watering can.home-made bouquets at quorn wedding with Italian flavourlumiere-photography-quorn-wedding-with-an-italian-flavour_0003

Amanda had attached a photo of her dad to her bouquet, while her son let her down the aisle and gave a speech as the best man.

They decorated it with bunting and lovely details, with keys and their initials.  They also had vintage games on the table to entertain the guests during dinner. lumiere-photography-quorn-wedding-with-an-italian-flavour_0004lumiere-photography-quorn-wedding-with-an-italian-flavour_0006

They had a cake topper made that represented them and Elizadoolittle, their dog, who also attended the church ceremony and was ever so well behaved. lumiere-photography-quorn-wedding-with-an-italian-flavour_0005  British bride and Italian groom at quorn wedding

The whole wedding can be seen here as a Youtube virtual album.