Relaxed Quorn Country Hotel Wedding

Relaxed Quorn Country Hotel Wedding

When I met Nicki and Ketih, it was clear they wanted a relaxed wedding day, to have fun with their friends and family, no faff, not too much attention on them.

Many couples feel awkward about  the idea of being the focus of all the attention. And on the day it actually feels much easier than they feared. For the ceremony, they focus on each other and the emotion takes over any sense of being watched, even if they’ve been living together for decades.

Most of the day is spent socialising so that’s easy since you invite people you feel at ease with, have memories with, people who are genuinely happy to see you happy.

One time of the day that some couples dread are the speeches, so if they’re short, they’re best done before the meal so the speakers can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their meal. If they’re long or if there are many, it’s good to mix them into the meal- in between courses so people aren’t starving!

The groups shots are up to the bride and groom and I do prefer when they have movement, connection: they are easier to relax into and more fun to look at later.  Of course other people might want group shots or photos with the bride and/ or the groom and they can be done impromptu.

The couple photos can feel awkward so giving the couple some space and something to do, focusing on each other, lessens the difficult feelings.

The main thing is to know it’s going to be a whirlwind of emotions, that it will go too fast but the photos will remind you of your day, show you what you hadn’t noticed and remind you of the best moments.

Quorn Country hotel is  perfect for a relaxed wedding as it’s not too big, and can’t be taken over by the other hotel guests. The orangery  has beautiful frescoes reminiscent of Tuscany. The reception room and even the bar have beautiful features for photos and the gardens have enough variety to change backgrounds and atmosphere from group to group and for couple shots. What do you think?

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