Reportage Family Photography – the beauty of every day life

Reportage Family Photography – the beauty of every day life

You know the expressions your kid has when you don’t have your camera at hand? And how she/ he freezes or frowns or turns their back when you do want to take a picture?

What if you could just go through your day as normal and have me take photos of you, the kids, your partner, the family, without changing anything in your house- no you don’t even have to tidy up- in your routine. OK, you might want to go to the beach, the park, for a walk, do something fun, to have memories of togetherness and quality time but you don’t have to. It can just be a normal day, because it’s these days that we forget, the non-exceptional ones, yet it’s them that make up most of our lives. Your call. Actually, you can even have both, mix it up, have breakfast crumbs and fun in the woods. I can stay for a few hours, half a day, a whole day, you choose.

Here are photos I took when I stayed with some friends. The little boy didn’t know me when I arrived and ignored me mostly. I just had my camera and wanted to capture his spirit, his interests, his expressions, not to me but to his parents. to his world. In this series I’m posting now, I’m focusing on him, I’ll do another post of photos I took where we chose location and had fun playing around. This is totally unposed, totally natural photography. Reportage family photography.

Reportage family photography: the first moments

Meeting me, a stranger, wary kid.

reportage family photography: a little boy wants to be like his mummy

Trying on mummy’s shoes

reportage family photography : learning to love reading

Learning to love reading

reportage family photography: lounging on mummy and daddy's bed

Lounging on mummy and daddy’s bed – too tired to play, too awake to sleep

reportage family photography swimming and tennis, doing whatever the others do

Swimming and tennis, doing whatever the others do

If you want me to document your family life with no pressure, no work, no posing, totally naturally, I’m happy to come and be with you for however long you want and give you images that are totally natural, totally authentic. Just get in touch

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