Sisters in a bluebells wood in Loughborough

Sisters in a bluebells wood in Loughborough

Each season, each opportunity, Lola is keen to get photos. We had the poppies, the woods in autumn, the cherry blossoms, now the bluebells.

We probably went to the woods too early in the season, it was beautiful but not as stunning as it was a week later. But the girls had fun regardless.

The downside of bluebells shoots is that the poses are more static, so as not to crush all the flowers, so I think the younger one got a bit bored. So she walked in a tree- you’ll see it had many trunks and she walked into it, and made up songs. That was delightful. The creativity of this little girl delighting us with stories of mermaids, princesses and dolphins. I was enchanted.

Of course we explored many places, but the one that made them happies was a den. Suddenly, no more sitting and chatting, there was running and catching and getting “home”safely. There was teasing and making up rules, and arguing over cheating, so their expressions really came alive.

I loved the pensivenes of the kids in the flowers, and also their expressions changing fast over the excitement of a game.

I can’t never choose on photo and love the flexibility the slideshows – or albums- give to show the whole variety of faces children have. When we look back we want to remember everything, tears and tantrums too.

If you’d like to capture your children faces, expressions, moods, let’s make a date.