A Loughborough registry wedding with BBQ in the garden

A small Loughborough registry wedding with BBQ in the garden.

Covid or not, love and life go on and many people have reassessed their priorities during these hard times. Whenever possible, weddings have carried on, smaller, more intimate, with close family only but just as full of love and emotions.

This Loughborough couple wanted to tie the knot before baby arrived and enjoyed their relaxed wedding even if some family abroad couldn’t be with them. Skype helped- it’s possible to stream the live wedding from Loughborough registry- and they’re planning a party with the families whenever it’s possible. In a way, it means more celebrations, enjoying the wedding again and again, what’s not to like?  We had ours in two countries too, and each one is a special memory.

When you have a small wedding, it means it’s easier to fit everyone in the garden. A gazebo in case of rain- it is Britain after all- some music, someone in charge of the BBQ, people helping with food: it’s a very familial, warm hearted, relaxed way to celebrate your love and commitment to each other, with the people who matter most.  Some of the guests changed into more casual clothes, the groom and his brothers took off their jackets and the bride took off her shoes. Much better!

Of course a small wedding is cheaper too. As a wedding photographer, I want my clients to only pay for what they need so I only stayed with them for a few hours, captured the wedding ceremony, photos of their guests and of the two of them and they were delighted with the photos.  At some point we were talking about them and the groom gave his new wife a totally heart melting love declaration. I was struck by how deeply he could express his love, admiration and need for her. I felt very privileged to witness this and very moved by the two of them.

I look forward to seeing them soon with the baby!

If you’re getting married at Loughborough registry, do give me a call! I look forward to hearing about your couple and your plans.