Spaniel puppy photos at home

Spaniel puppy at home

When you have a big garden, or even your own forest, it’s a dog paradise, so this little one was used to run like the wind after everything and anything. Unfortunately I’m not as fast as him, especially when trying to be at his eye level, which gives the best photos so he had to be put on a lead. Although he normally knows how to sit, he wasn’t having it as this wasn’t a place he was used to being trained so it was a bit stressful for him. He had had puppy school before to tire him out but some dogs don’t seem to ever run out of energy! Spaniels seem to go on forever and he ran after each bird flying by.

Treats and alternating running and posing helped a bit. Relaxing with his mummy did too. He also seemed to be better behaved with the eldest daughter who didn’t fall for his charms and gorgeous puppyness, but is used to training animals, it was amazing to see him obey her quickly. Shes wasn’t harsh, just firm and he understood what was expected of him.

I kept the photoshoot as short as possible to limit the stress on the puppy, while wanting to get enough images for the family to choose from. A dog photoshoot will not have 50 images as I usually do- and more- for families but enough to capture his personality, and your relation ship with him too.


spaniel puppy in the woods

spaniel puppy with his mum

Spaniel puppy at home in grassspaniel puppy photoshoot

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