Toddler and family photoshoot in Yorkshire

Toddler and family photoshoot in Yorkshire


Time flies, I couldn’t believe it’d been nearly a year since I last saw this lovely family. Elsa-Rose has grown so much in that time. She wasn’t walking last time and she’s a little lady now! Check the shoot we did last October here.

She is still teething- it seems to last forever doesn’t it, I mean it takes years! but her two front teeth are so cute! she is determined, funny, independent, fearless, cuddly, a perfect little girl. and although the family doesn’t use many screens least of all her, she understood I was taking photos of her so she set up some poses- like her with her big Baloo Bear, so she could come and check what it looked like on the back of the camera. She only puts two words together but she is a clever little one.

I still love the window light in the living room and Lucy wanted some last photos of her breastfeeding as it won’t last that long now. It’s a mix of feelings when breastfeeding stops, some relief, some sadness that this stage of mothering is finished already.. and there is no going back.

We went for a walk and Elsa was pushing her pram, that was so cute! I love the colours Lucy had chosen, all soft pinks and burgundy for Dom. I recognised his jumper from the maternity shoot we’d done well, two years ago. Elsa was frustrated because she’d decided she wanted to go somewhere else, but when we got the bubbles out it was a winner. These big wands are so much easier for children to make bubbles with, no need for blowing, so she was very happy with herself. I love how cheeky she looks. The black and white photos give a feeling of timelessness. Out of context it’d be hard to place in time.

Back in their garden, it was adorable to watch Elsa water flowers bigger than her, then pinching a tomato in the greenhouse.

I love this family and hope to see them again very soon. We’d talked about taking photos by the sea, I love family photoshoots in water, the sea, rivers, it’s lots of fun.

Have a look at this toddler and family photoshoot in Yorkshire and let me know if you’d like a photoshoot for your family.