Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

“Love is a journey” was the banner a this week end’s wedding and I love it: there is no “getting there” so let’s enjoy the journey, both at home and on the road!

A travel-themed wedding can be lovely for people who love traveling, as well as people from different countries: “Love knows no borders”

Here are some ideas to inspire you, whether you like one idea or want your theme to be travels.

* Invites can be:  passports, boarding cards, postcards from around the world, maps..

* Globes, maps, airplanes, and other transport modes can be part of your decors, favours etc As can suitcases and luggage related ideas

* The seating plan can be a map of the world with each table a city, country or continent.  So if you want, you can have a different theme for each table, with favours, colours, flowers and decors relating to that place. The tables could also be departure gates

wedding decors for travel themed wedding

A Chinese-themed table with Bamboo, orchids and red dragons. A German-themed table with flag, alcohol, Beethoven and flowers colours of the football club. A Nottingham themed table with wild flowers and a Robin Hood flag

individual table decor for travel themed wedding

* The place names/ favours can be luggage tags,  globes- in chocolate with names pinned in or not, compasses..

* Paper flowers, bunting,  confetti and  table decorations can be made from maps

* Confetti can be replaced by paper aeroplanes- the kids will have a lot of fun flying them all day!

* The guest messages can be written on postcards and either sent to the couple after the wedding- from as far as possible- or posted in a letterbox, or pinned to a map.

* The cake can be anything from a hot air balloon, to suitcases stacked on each other- on a real suitcase- with travel labels on them..

.wedding details for travel themed wedding

One of my couples travelled all over the world and each time took photos of themselves with a toy frog, so they gave their guests some frogs to take with them on their travels, and some frogs as sweets.

If you want to discuss your ideas, do give me a call, always happy to chat and help out when I can: 07763064497
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And if you want to travel for your wedding, I’ll gladly come along!