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Vidhi photography in Leicester

Vidhi photography in Leicester

Hindu weddings are vibrant occasions full of meaningful rituals, beforehand and on the days.

The Vidhi happens the day before the wedding so many guests can take part. It is made up of three parts with their own prayers and involvement of different people.

Parents take a part, reliving their vows, and a newly wedded couple does too before passing one to the bride/ groom who have this ceremony with their family, separately, to prepare them, purify them for the wedding, both physically and in their soul.

The family prays to protect the couple and  ward off evil spirits. They bring many gifts to both groom and bride.

During the Peethee/ Pithi,  purification is done with a turmeric paste applied to the face, arms and feet, which turns into a fun, tickling session as the bride/ groom is covered in thick yellow paste.

Ganesh is the protector and has a place of honour as he does during the wedding too. 

A recently wed couple reenacts their wedding ritual . The parents will do that too. 

    The Pithi is a purification ritual. It looked like great fun for the women!

Agni, the fire, is also part of the ritual as it will be during the wedding. 

The Varadh is when ladies go out and back in carrying clay port over their heads and receive gifts. 

The car is blessed and stopped in exchange of gifts, as it will be the day after, at the wedding. 

The Vidhi was fun to capture, the food was fantastic as always and I love following couples from ceremony to ceremony, sagai, havan, menhdi, vidhi, wedding, and after. I get to know the family and feel able to really portray the relationships and family ties.

Do you have a ceremony coming up? are you looking for a Asian wedding photographer ? do give me a call, 07763064497, or contact me 


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