Ruby anniversary: a beautiful vow renewal ceremony in Solihul

Ruby anniversary: a beautiful vow renewal ceremony in Solihul

Moira and Terry’s vow renewal ceremony was especially touching  as they’d been waiting 40 years to have a full on wedding!

For their wedding, they didn’t have a photographer or many of the things they wanted to make their day even more special.

Of course the most special thing at a wedding is marrying the person you love , cherish, respect and want to spend your life with, the rest is optional. But the choices we make for our special day do contribute to make the day our own dream come true, even if not everything goes to plan , even if we can’t always have everything we’d want, the dress, decors, flowers, favours etc means it’s “our day, our way”.

When Moira rang me, she said that they had meant to do it for their 25th wedding anniversary but then again, its wasn’t possible so this time they were finally doing it. She had bought a dress and he bought her a new ring, they were going back to Solihull, the registry where they got married and had invited their children, grand children and a friend who was at their wedding, 40 years ago. I was so happy to be part of their day, let me show you some of the photos First the guests, waiting for their arrival

Then the “bride”, so lovely and sweet The beginning of the ceremony, finding each other, and holding hands for comfort The vows, a new ring and a kiss, laughing together while signing the registry And finally a couple shot, unfortunately it was raining so we made the most of inside the hotel Ramada in Solihull I wish them another 40 years of tender love and lots of happiness. Here are some of my favourite pictures of the day.