Winter Children Photoshoot Leicester

Winter Children Photoshoot Leicester

Sometimes the best thing to do with kids during a children photoshoot is not to offer games, activities, poses etc but to follow their enthusiasm and sense of fun so we’d looked for the Christmas things to do at our venue but in the end, the most fun was playing with fallen leaves, exploring a magic tree and building a den with huge branches. winter children photoshoot leicesterwinter children photoshoot leicesterwinter children photoshoot leicester

I had met Amber and Rohan at their spring photoshoot and Rohan had been a bit worried about the shoot, trying to do it right so it was great to see him relaxed and joyful.winter children photoshoot leicester I love to see how siblings are so connected yet so independent. The way the first one is protective of the younger one, the way the second one admires the oldest one totally, it is so lovely to see them share that bond and know they’ll never be alone, even after we’ve gone. winter children photoshoot leicester  Amber has grown already and has a fantastic spirit. She wanted to leave her bag in the tree and nothing could deter her. “no daddy, burglars, don’t go in trees. No daddy, Owl won’t take the bag. No daddy, the Gruffalo is not here, he’s at Gruffalo’s”

winter children photoshoot leicesterwinter children photoshoot leicester

The den was a family endeavour, Dad showed how strong he was and carried huge branches as Amber kept pointing out there was no roof. Rohan really enjoyed piecing it all together, Amber added some touches, tried to make leaves stick on the branches to make a roof  and delighted in a swinging branch that felt like a bell you could ring.

I loved their energy, his eagerness to experience everything, her mix of logic and magic thinking and the parents’ happiness in spending time with their kids and each other. winter family photoshoot leicester

If you want a family or children photoshoot that captures your children’s’ spirit, the relationships between them, quality family time, give me a ring, these memories are priceless. 07763064497.