A family reunion in Sutton Coldfield

A family reunion in Sutton Coldfield

After two years of being apart and despite all the technology, it’s so good to really see each other, to cuddle up reading a book with grandma, to play bubbles or football with grand pa, to meet their cousin, to see baby’s first steps not on a screen!

Sometimes we wait for an occasion like a big birthday, but each day is precious, and the future not guaranteed so let’s celebrate like everyday is an occasion. Let’s meet up with people we love and have as much fun as possible- and just enough cake to still enjoy it.

I love seeing kids personalities. I had met the siblings before at home, when he was a newborn – see here– and before that when she was a newborn, so it was even more special to see them a bit bigger, and to be there for his first steps! Letting go of his hands, such a symbolic moment, a mix of fear and pride, and of the feeling that a page has been turned.

We then went to a a little park in Sutton Coldfield where the geese scared us- me too- as they were guarding the pond as fiercely as their ancestors guarded Rome – a story from my classical childhood- but we made it unharmed and had great fun looking at the ducks. Yes the funniest moment was watching the little girl being beside herself when the ducks dived and their bottoms were sticking up, her shocked laughter was contagious!

Her cousin, whom I’d not met before was such a decided, independent little lady, Often it’s the second child who is scared of nothing but she’s waiting for nobody, a very young intrepid explorer!