Chaucer Barn Wedding Photographer Norfolk

When a talented graphic designer gets married, you know that the details are going to be just right, not over the top, not like everyone else, just enough to be personal and remembered.

Clare chose a peach and copper theme as it’s both soft and warm. She designed the invites, the order of service and the name tags with a bespoke font. The church has a lot of significance for her family since several couples including her parents got married there, and her grandfather was a vicar there and has a plaque to his name. This steeping in family history is very moving. I could just imagine what it was like when her parents got married there, so much has changed, love hasn’t.

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The church was so close to the sea that I would have been really sad to miss that opportunity, thankfully, both Clare and Dan are really relaxed and didn’t mind a stroll on the beach. Dan rolled up his trousers and they both went barefoot. It is always good for a couple to take some time just together, to take it in and connect alone. I left them to enjoy that and take in the sun, sea, and happiness. Couple shots don’t need to be long and can be spaced out during the day to use different lights, moods, and places.

Dan is a really relaxed groom, full of love and fun. 

Clare had got ready at Chaucer Barn and had decorated the venue with her friends and family so it felt like a home from home when we got there. They wanted a really relaxed day with everyone enjoying themselves and has set up games for people, had a musician outside, drinks and canapes. All the ingredients for a lovely day out in the sun. Chaucer barn is a great wedding venue, with a variety of spaces inside and out, for different activities and styles.

What really moved me is that Dan still spent time showing love to his daughter and made sure they had quality time, that it was her day too, and Clare clearly loves her too. This is family. It feels solid.

It has been such a hot day that we waited for sunset to go for a stroll, the light was pure gold, and they were shining. Chaucer Barn has both very stylised gardens and fields so it’s easy to get a range of images and feels as well as taking time to be alone, or for the kids to explore.

chaucer barn wedding photographer norfolk
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As I write, I feel moved again by their love, I’m so happy for them and wish them every happiness.

If you’re getting married at Chaucer Barn or elsewhere, and like natural, relaxed, beautiful photos, give me a ring on 07763064497



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