Destination Wedding Photographer Spain

Destination Wedding Photographer Spain:  Valencia

I met Paula and Carlos in England and shot their engagement photoshoot in Bradgate park near Leicester.  I was over the moon when they asked me to be their  wedding photographer in Spain, in  Valencia. Their love story is a fairy tale. They met a 15 and knew it was for life so when they got married at 22, they’d already been together longer than many brides and grooms. 

They complement each other and draw the best of each other while encouraging each other to be the best they can. Fantastic people. I have since shot Paula’s baby shower, their pregnancy shoot and even done a family shoot when they visited Loughborough with the very chilled and very happy Jose Miguel.

2016 Update: I went to Spain to see them and take more photos, some reportage by just staying with them and some actual shoots. 

Alix has been commemorating every key moment of my life. I feel so lucky  Alix captured my engagement, wedding, pregnancy and new baby! Alix has a unique way of showing people’s emotions and in making of each experience something new…I am so grateful for everything she did for us and absolutely love her photos.


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