engaged couple having a cuddle in bradgate park photo by lumiere photography

Engagement photography at Leicester’s Bradgate Park

Engagement photography at  Leicester’s Bradgate Park

I’d say the more nervous  you are, the more you get out of engagement photography.  Of course it’s not the only reason to have a pre-wedding photoshoot: guest book, slideshow, souvenir cards for your guests as well as non-wedding beautiful images of the two of you are pretty important too .

Mel is lovely and we’ve been friends on Facebook for the two years she’s booked me so we got to know each other but she was very giggly, in a very cute way actually, and she confessed to feeling quite shy of the camera. I get it, I am too..

So we started by ambling and had little silly moments, just for the fun of it. To show her she had nothing to worry about, I showed her the photos as we went along and after a little while, she felt better.  I told her a secret at the end- and will tell you too if you keep reading. But first some of the photos.

Nothing like fun to relax, so we jumped in the stream! The stones were a bit slippy so Mel just took her shoes off, both brave and sensible. For the wedding too, don’t hesitate to go barefoot!

It was a very sunny day, and even in the evening, we looked for shade- except for shooting silhouettes.




They chose Bradgate Park because they love it, so I wanted to capture some of its loveliness for them.

Finally some single portraits, looking at the one you love is best to show your softest face

I told you I’d share a secret. The photos I have of me are that I like are the ones my husband or kids take, because, I don’t put barriers up, I trust them to see me with love. To take photos of other people, I shoot from the heart, with love.

If you want photos of the one you love, please read more about couples photoshoots here and give me a call 07763064497

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