Fun portraits in the bluebells woods in Loughborough

Bluebells are a wonderful background and solo portraits work very well as we avoid trampling the flowers while still going for a walk, having fun and being imaginative. There are several woods with bluebells in Loughborough: the Outwoods, Burleigh woods, Swithland woods.

Solo portraits sound a bit daunting as you’re literally being shot, nowhere to hide. But with changes of clothes, and a fun imagination, it can be a lovely way to spend an afternoon and get stunning photos. I find we both yearn to be seen and shy away from it as if we weren’t good enough.  I feel the same and put myself to the test as the photos I am not posting here- I might another time- are when this lovely lady insisted she took photos of me.

Being in front of the camera, I fel awkward and not good enough looking but I stilled myself and grounded myself in some meditation, some yoga and in the trust that my photographer liked me as I was. I find that even if I am tempted to be critical of myself, being liked as I am, trusting that the person behind the camera sees something beautiful in me does open up in me more self acceptance.

And would you believe it, this young lady doesn’t find herself stunning! how critical we are of ourselves! Thankfully she trusts me- it’s our second photoshoot- and loved the photos. She was up for being silly, dancing, rolling in the grass, doing yoga, whatever gave her something to do. the photos are then a combination of both our ideas and her interpretation, her creativity, sense of humour, her joy of living. She is sweet, and shy, sensitive and kind , and Im sure you can see that in the photos, both her joy for life and her shyness. I do find that when people open up, let us see them, everyone is loveable, beautiful.

We’d brought different outfits to go with the season and the flowers, to reflect different aspects of her and I love the mix. It’s not the clothes or make up that makes up lovely, it’s how our personality shines, isn’t it?

un portraits in the bluebells woods in Loughborough un portraits in the bluebells woods in Loughborough

un portraits in the bluebells woods in Loughborough

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