Intimate Vintage Wedding at the Renaissance hotel in London St Pancras

It was the smallest wedding I’ve ever shot: 4 people. The bride, the groom, the bride’s mother and the groom’s brother. But I love this wedding. First because these people are dear to me. I have been with this couple at 3 other weddings so it was lovely to celebrate theirs. I had shot the groom’s brother’s wedding in Sweden so it was really lovely to see him again. I also find them stunning. I know I tend to “fall in love” with my couples as Annie Leibovitz said. And when you love someone you see their beauty, don’t you?  I still find them really stunning, all of them.

I love the outfit Julia picked. She wanted something classy, different and elegant. Mind you, I have seen her in flip flops and she still looked elegant. This outfit is both vintage and modern somehow, can you see what I mean? It was a very small wedding because the celebrations would be later on After they moved country. After they had their baby. Before I said so, did you see she was seven months pregnant?

The registry was perfect, with the most laid back registrar ever. She let me take real photos of the signing of the register, no fake ones!  Then we went to the Renaissance hotel near London St Pancras. It’s a real gem, it has so many corners to be explored, and such beautiful details. I really recommend you visit it if you haven’t been there already. As it was small, I didn’t stay for hours and we took more formal photos, with lighting, to show of this beautiful couple in this incredible venue. I also liked celebrating the friendship between the brothers, they are very close and it moved me. Both couples have had babies since and I would love to visit them and capture the families playing. I hope I will.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this wedding at the Renaissance hotel as much as I did.


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