Outdoors maternity photoshoot near Leicester

The imminent arrival of a baby is a special time, The baby is the fruit of your love for one another and the beginning of a new chapter in your couple story. It will take you places you didn’t know existed and right now, you might have mixed feelings. Like having a backache and feeling heavy, yet also feeling you are in a sacred place, carrying life, about to burst. You want to celebrate your love for each other and the shape of your body, this incredible body that can do these amazing things. You are glowing, ripe like a fruit. Your curves are beautiful.

Anna and Mario wanted a mix of natural and sophisticated. Ana found some clothes on the internet that looked amazing on her.She brought balloons too.  We talked a lot about clothes and sent each other photos of what we’d found, what we had in mind and mixed our findings to suit her taste. I love the mix of outfits and genres she chose. and I’m so grateful to her to dare go in the water. It wasn’t cold but being pregnant makes you a bit more fearful of potentially slippery or unsafe situations. Thankfully she enjoyed it and kept safe.

Outdoors maternity photoshoot tunnel silhouettes in maternity photoshoot Outdoors maternity photoshoot Outdoors maternity photoshoot near Leicester  in the river  glowing mother to be

What a gorgeous lady! I do like her hippy chick look.

What she said was: I can just say that Alix is the best photographer anyone can wish for.
She’s lovely, sweet, inspirational, funny …and really professional at the same time.
She is able to capture emotions that you’ll be able to relive every time you look at her pictures. Nothing conformist but UNIQUE.
I highly recommend her for any occasion…as a lifetime photography. She’s definitely a story teller photographer. I wish you all to have the chance to meet her whatever the occasion. THANKS Alix for the photo shoot we had on Sunday!!!

I can’t wait to meet the baby!

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