Relaxed family photography in Oadby

Relaxed family photography in Oadby

Many people want photos of their family, but without faff, without studio, without pretending, posing, without even dressing up, just as they are. Capturing the real everyday life.

So I went not knowing how big the garden was and thankfully there was space for different activities. They wanted groups, which always feel awkward- like what are you supposed to do? but with some clues, they relaxed, tickled, joked and they relaxed. If you want photos with a certain person or people, it is kind of posed since it’s not happening naturally but if you start talking amongst yourselves, it becomes more about the shared memories,  the relationships than looking at the camera. When four generations are together, there are many relationships to capture, each one different. Parents and grandparents know that each child is a different universe in which they are our favourite.

A trampoline is a great place to let off nervous energy and forgetting about being self-conscious so is playing football with dad or having a game of tig. Some people don’t like their teeth or braces so they keep their mouths closed but when we see someone smile frankly we don’t notice their teeth or braces, or if we do it’s without judgement, we just enjoy them smiling, the warmth and joy that comes across so never feel you have to tune down your smile, Let’s pour joy in the world! We all benefit.

I’m only posting a small selection here to give an idea of what a relaxed family photoshoot can be like in your garden. trampolining in the garden in Oadbyrelaxed family photos in the gardenmother and daughter relaxed portraitsportraits in the gardenrelaxed family photos in the garden

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