The Priest House Hotel Wedding Photographer

The Priest House Hotel Wedding Photographer

Emma and Simon wanted a really relaxed wedding, no posing for a long time, no endless groups. Just a day to enjoy their celebration with their friends and family so they chose The Priest House Hotel which is a lovely wedding venue whether the weather is beautiful or not and where their guests could stay and refresh themselves. It felt like a holiday rather than just a fully packed day.

They made the background to their first table, so I wanted to capture it and used it for the dress photo. Their families had made one cake so they had two. It’s so special when what you have at your wedding comes from people who love you. I love the bespoke cake sign too! They used the photos of their pre-wedding shoot to decorate the venue too. It was lovely seeing them.

They could use several rooms exclusively as well as the outdoor area and enjoy the beautiful views on the river and the old wheels. Simon is an inventor and I liked seeing him by the rusty cogs, symbols of engineering and mechanics. Emma is a vet and is at home in nature so it was a great setting for both of them, it’s a shame they couldn’t bring their cats!

I’ve known Simon a few years  but it’s always a discovery to hear about someone you know socially and find out what makes them special. All the beautiful things people say about someone at their wedding usually melts my heart.  I’m always awed and honoured to meet such beautiful people, people who believe in what they do, make a change in the world  and live their life with heart and soul as well as mind. Emma I got to know a little bit  and was wowed by at the speeches. Again, I had the honour to see her in all the beautiful things people said about her, especially her feminism, which meant that mother and father gave a speech, as well as groom and bride. I can say it’s the first time I see that and it was heartwarming.

During a wedding there are always more photos I can imagine and the key thing is to communicate so the couple doesn’t feel they could have had more, nor that they were hijacked.  They were both very clear that although the sunset on the river was great, the main thing was to spend time with their guests. What’s important is that they get what is important to them. My job is to record their day, not to control it!

Wedding vendors:

Dress: Bradgate Brides– Manon “Birch”
Bridesmaids: Matchimony
Veil: Blossom and Bluebirds
Shoes: Charlotte Mills
Earrings: Liberty in Love
Hair: Mon Amie Hair
Cake: Victoria’s cake company