Naming ceremony in Derbyshire

What is a naming ceremony? It is a ceremony to welcome a new person/ baby in the family, in the community, a bit like a christening. There is usually some commitment or vows to support the child and the family, to  guide them like god parents do. It can be a humanist ceremony, a interfaith one or whatever you choose. It is run by a celebrant and designed to suit the wishes of the child and family.

This was my second naming ceremony, and like the first one, the child was old enough to take part, understand and enjoy what this was about. Her siblings and best friend were involved and committed to support her as well as her parents and other adults. It was extremely moving. Love in action. The parents also renewed their vows to each other and to their family. I was choked up and everyone was bathing in love.

This little one is very special to me as she’s one of “my ” babies, the ones I see being born (here)  and we’ve done several shoots (here)  together ( here)  so I had the privilege to see her grow up. She’s a tiny bit shy but warms up fast. She’s kind and strong, self-confident and soft, cheeky and overall wonderful.

The location was Whistlewood commons, in Melbourbe, Derbyshire. It is a community space with permaculture principles, to be used for community projects in harmony with nature. They run workshops, have weddings etc. There is a yurt to sleep in for a couple or family.  They had a kind of kitchen, they grow their food, there was a room for the ceremony, space to play around. There is also a forest kitchen and den, which the kids loved. When children are given free reign over their imagination, time and energy, they are inventive and fun and stronger than we imagine. It reminded me of when I was teaching at Summerhill School, nearly 30 years ago! But that’s another story..



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